Dark side wrap top 100% wool crepe

Dark side wrap top 100% wool crepe


Wrap top of 100% wool crepe.

Top can be tight on the hips or on the waist, and therefore it can be easily combined with different bottoms for both festive clothing or for casual wear. The top can be used as it is or for example with cardigan or jacket for the office clothing. 

At the moment sizes S-L exists. Later more sizes will be available for order. 

Delivery within 2-3 workdays inside Finland for products that exists in storage. When the product is made to order, delivery within Finland is 17 workdays, to other EU countries 24 days and to rest of the world 30 days.

Sizes S and M

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The more the storm gets furious
The wider open and curious
Butterflies fly
Strong not shy

The inspiration for the first collection is a butterfly. For the designer a butterfly and its metamorphosis symbolizes personal growth towards greater sensitivity and letting your dreams fly.

Silk jumpsuit is the first garment of Minna Paussu's first collection called Butterfly. Its' form imitates a butterfly. Its' wide trousers and loose form gives the silk the freedom to fly in the movement. The lightweight fabric, its' movement and the designers' own print describe freedom and bubbly joy of life.