Butterfly black jumpsuit, 100% silk

Butterfly black jumpsuit, 100% silk

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Butterfly Collection jump suite 100% silk.

The trousers are wide and fly freely on the move. The jumpsuit brings out the slenderist part of the waist. The waistband has a few centimeters of elastic bandage on the sides that are covered under the sleeves. The kimono alike top descends beautifully to the body. The back is open. The jumpsuit is easy to dress on.

Dressing up for a party throughout the year and as a casual dress for a terrace or a city. Combined with a jacket or a leather jacket, it is also suitable for the office.

The print is printed to silk fabric in a print factory in Netherlands. The silk is adquired mostly from Italy. The garments are manufactured in Finland.

Delivery within 2-3 workdays inside Finland for products that exists in storage. When the product is made to order, delivery within Finland is 20 workdays, to other EU countries 25 days and to rest of the world 30 days.

Storage: Size S and size L: normal trouser length, Size S: extended trouser length +13cm)
Made to order: Other sizes


A, waist round (this is the slimmest part of your waist): 
XS: 64 cm
S: 70 cm
M: 76 cm
L: 82 cm
XL: 88 cm

B, waist band:
height: 7 cm 

C, trouser length:
Measured from the middle of the waist band.
XS: 106
S: 107
M: 108
L: 109 
XL: 110
Extra length: + 13cm to above by default
If you select 'Extra trouser length' it will be +13 cm, unless you specify your measure in a separate e-mail to info@minnapaussu.com or +358 50 3571518. Kindly add your order details.

D, waist-shoulder length (this is the fabric measure):
XS: 44 cm
S: 44,5 cm
M: 45 cm
L: 45,5 cm
XL: 46 cm
The top part is meant to descend and fit loosely on.

Trouser length:
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The more the storm gets furious
The wider open and curious
Butterflies fly
Strong not shy

The inspiration for the first collection is a butterfly. For the designer a butterfly and its metamorphosis symbolizes personal growth towards greater sensitivity and letting your dreams fly.

Silk jumpsuit is the first garment of Minna Paussu's first collection called Butterfly. Its' form imitates a butterfly. Its' wide trousers and loose form gives the silk the freedom to fly in the movement. The lightweight fabric, its' movement and the designers' own print describe freedom and bubbly joy of life.